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You Should Care About This Company

I’m a big fan of asking myself, “Who cares?” and reminding myself that most of the time, nobody cares. This is different. I know that you would and should care about this company, Carr Workplaces, which offers a flexible office solution.


We’ve been working with Carr for more than two years. Why? Because they have over 19 locations across the DC Metro area – which means they’re super convenient.


And you know why else? Because they are actively committed to the growth and support of businesses, in particular women-owned businesses. That’s vital to our mission here at Her Corner.


Maybe you just need a business address. Maybe you’re looking for a drop-in office. Or maybe you want space for a meeting or an office for a team. Carr offers all of this, plus they’re super flexible, their offices are beautiful, and their team is resourceful, energetic, and extraordinarily helpful.


And you know what else? They’re committed to Her Corner companies and want to see them grow and thrive. So they’ve created a huge discount for our members who want to try them out. Check out the end of this post for more info and a link!


Personally, I’m a fan. I frequent their spaces several times a month. I love that I’m always surrounded by really nice people, whether it’s other business owners sharing the space or the Carr Workplaces staff. It’s also a space that invites networking and collaboration. In fact, some of our members have gotten new business simply from attending a meeting there or connecting with someone in the hallway.


I’ve tried almost all Carr Workplaces’ locations, which are perfect places for our Her Corner members to work, connect with likeminded business owners, and meet clients. I can tell you that each space is unique, recently renovated, and conducive to growing your business.


And you know what never happens?

  • I never get shushed because the space is a little small and cramped and other people think we’re being too loud.
  • I never get distracted because there are tours of people walking through to see the space.


Instead, this happens:

  • I’m productive.
  • I’m inspired to get work done.
  • I meet great people who I want to work with again.


And if you’re at the right place at the right time, you’ll get warm chocolate chip cookies on a Friday afternoon – but you have to be quick, because those don’t stick around for long.


So yes, you should check Carr Workspaces out. And you should take advantage of the support they give to women-owned businesses, and Her Corner members in particular.


Looking for a flexible workspace that looks out for women in business? Check out Carr Workplaces today, and use this link for an exclusive Her Corner member discount to get you started.


See you there!

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