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Why you need a web strategy

When I started my business 15 years ago, I didn’t have any kind of strategy (except pay the mortgage on my new condo). I wanted the freedom to schedule my days, choose my clients, and I liked the prospect of earning more money. That was basically my strategy. And it worked for a while, because my former employer became my biggest client, and it was pretty easy to make a living as graphic designer back then. I was riding the wave of a strong economy and solid portfolio.

Today, I work in a much more competitive and globalized industry. And web strategy matters more than ever.

What is your strategy?

First, it’s important to take a step back.

Any kind of marketing strategy we do here is informed by our business strategy. Until I sat down and thought about what I wanted to focus on and who I wanted to sell to, coming up with my marketing strategy seemed impossible. My website sounded like every other graphic designer’s website. It said things like:

“We provide exceptional service” and “we are creative thinkers who follow a design process to deliver outstanding results.”

To prospects, it sounded like the same promises. I needed to figure this out!

The book that got me thinking was Blue Ocean Strategy. How could I make sure my services were clear and unmistakable? How could I present our services as the obvious choice?

I considered the following:

What I was best at + a need in the market + who I liked to work with the most.

Once this was clear, marketing became infinitely easier on my website.

This has paid off because now I am able to market more easily and generate a lot more inbound leads to my website.

So, marketing should be based on a solid business strategy. What are you best in the world at?

Heather Cox’s business, The Mighty Little Web Shop, serves small businesses who sell professional services. Mighty Little Web Shop’s mission is to help organizations to confidently attract a steady stream of visitors, and convert them into paying clients or long-standing donors. You can view her profile HERE.

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