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Why We ❤️ Carr Workplaces

* Carr Workplaces is an in-kind sponsor of Her Corner.

It’s the time of year when business owners are buckling down, focusing on closing out the year on a high note, and thinking about the year ahead – what they’ll leave behind, and more importantly what they’ll take on and accomplish.

In our monthly Accelerator sessions, we’re working with dozens and dozens of business owners every month to work through these exact scenarios. We are breaking down their financials for 2018, asking them what they want to accomplish by the end of the year (and what it’s going to take to get there,) and asking the hard questions about next year.


We don’t want a place that is loud and boisterous, where the music gets in the way of conversation, where the acoustics are such that you are worried about holding a private discussion without being overheard.

We want a place that is professional with private offices and meeting spaces where we can get work done. We want to know the businesses we bring in are treated with almost hotel-like concierge services and in a place that’s personal, friendly and most importantly, professional.

It’s not easy to find a place like that. Think about all the coworking spaces that you know. Half of them are trying to be hip and cool – with bean bags and kegs as part of their appeal. Or they want to take all your time with speaker series or group discussions – which is great if you’re not running a busy business, but if you are, it can feel like more of a nuisance.

Which is why we love, and I mean LOVE working at the Carr Workplaces offices. Did you know they have 25 locations across the country? We use their spaces in NYC and in DC, but you can also use them in Illinois, Massachusetts, or California (among other locations!)

But more than anything, we love that the Carr Workplaces team provides offices that are beautiful, and quiet and perfectly set up for business owners who want to get work done! Their staff is incredibly welcoming and helpful (it really does feel like hotel-like service,) and the locations are all well located in places near metros or with easy parking.

Carr Workplaces has been a Her Corner partner for many years because they understand how important the work is that we are doing, and they are here to support women business owners. In fact, Her Corner members receive 20% off a number of their member plans. (Learn more here.)

For those of you who are ready to get to work this Fall, here are a few of their current promotions. Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself!

• $1,500 Invoice Credit at Midtown Offices
• $1,500 Invoice Credit at AON Center Offices
• $1,500 Invoice Credit at Spectrum Offices
• $1,000 Offices in City Center
• $1,500 Invoice Credit at Financial District Offices
• $299 Coworking Desks in Dupont Circle

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