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Why Tidying Up Could Change Your Life

A lot of minimalism articles are just fluff, explaining its popularity without teaching the execution, which is why I liked Why Tidying Up Could Change Your Life in The Guardian. It offers 5 applicable steps for lightening your load and becoming a minimalist.  Step #2 challenges readers to play the 30 day minimalism game.

Here’s how it works: on day one, donate/toss/recycle/trash one item.  On day two, get rid of two items.  Repeat with three items on day three.  Repeat daily and by the end of the month you will have 564 less items!  This technique has you anticipating, planning and earmarking items for tomorrow.  It even has built-in accountability with #minsgame so you can share your wins with others and see pics of what your fellow challengers are chucking!

Read the article here.  Up for the challenge?  What would you donate/trash on day 1?  Day 15?  Day 30?? Please share in the comments!


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