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Why the time is now

“The time is absolutely now.”


Last week Miki Agrawal, successful entrepreneur and author of Do Cool Sh*t, spoke to an audience of nearly 200 members and guests at the Her Corner Speaker Series. It was a phenomenal event and Miki shared what she believes makes her business endeavors engaging and successful.


While she never used the words “risk taking” she kept reiterating that the great opportunities that crossed her path came from putting herself out there and being open to whatever life was offering to her at the time. The message resonated with our audience.


Seize the moment, don’t allow fear to hold you back, and take advantage of opportunities that come along because you never know where it may lead.


To me though, I heard one statement playing over and over in my mind. Take risks. But the truth for women business owners is that taking advantage of opportunities often means taking risks, something women have a more difficult time doing then men.


In the media, it has been called the “confidence gap” but what it basically means is, if women entrepreneurs want to catch up and be as successful as male entrepreneurs, risk taking is something we need to get more comfortable with. According to an article in the Huffington Post, women who take more risks stand out among the crowd because it shows confidence and allows more opportunity for lessons learned.

Don’t let the bias fool you, though. Taking a risk doesn’t have to be done haphazardly. Use your network of fellow women entrepreneurs and the Her Corner Community for support as you move forward with your business. And instead of using the word risk, why not put in its place the word opportunity?


So if you’ve been thinking about an “opportunity” in your business in the year 2015 like investing in a new employee or adding a new product or service, why not take a chance and re-evaluate if now is the time. Because according to Miki, “now is absolutely the time”.


Want to hear more about the business benefits of taking risks? Check out the LA Speaker Series on April 14th!


*** As the Community Manager for Her Corner, Amanda works with members to help them take advantage of their membership, selects and manages programing for the community, and is the main point person for member questions and ideas!

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