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Why I’m so excited for our next speaker

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to check out Her Corner, your time has come!

Our February 18th Speaker Series is shaping up to be an incredible event and we want to share a special offer with you (keep reading to find out more!). But first, let me tell you a little more about what has me so excited about this speaker!

Our speaker, Miki Agrawal is coming in from NYC (you may have heard of her, she’s kind of a big deal.) She will be joining us to share her personal experience as a female entrepreneur and to talk about her new social venture. Miki is a very well known entrepreneur – she has started several farm-to-table restaurants called Wild in NYC (the concept which is now being launched in Las Vegas), she’s developed a video series for children called Super Sprowtz, and most recently she’s launched the company THINX which is a new concept of underwear for women to wear during their periods (the profits of which go to support women in 3rd world countries with no access to feminine hygiene products).

By the way – we here at Her corner are obsessed with THINX; totally love this product.

Miki is also the recent author of Do Cool Sh*T (a great read by the way, and now also a bootcamp) whose intro is written by her good friend Tony Hsieh, CEO of  She’s the kind of woman who is funny, down to earth, and totally inspiring.

Because Miki is also known and recognized as one of Forbe’s 2013 “Millennials on a Mission” she is particularly inspiring to the younger generation of women in their late 20s and early 30s.

We have been so moved by Miki’s story we’ve decided to pay it forward by offering a 30% discount on our general admission ticket price to our event. Just use code “hcblog” to receive your discount! (While seats are available – when we posted this blog we were already up to 130 attendees, and we’re capping it at 200.)

Interested in attending or want to learn more?

Check out the link below to discover what other surprises this event has in store, including fabulous doors prizes, raffle prizes, and a delicious giveaway to all attendees.

Hope to see you there!

Register HERE





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