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Quit The Whining & Find The Solution.

Every single day we read articles that go something like this:

  • There isn’t enough diversity in the White House.
  • We don’t have enough women on executive boards or in the C-suite.
  • There aren’t enough women receiving funding from venture funds.


Oh dear lord. The negativity. So many hours spent reading about how bad things are. I’m tired just thinking about it.

There is a simple reason why these issues are still happening and we’re still discussing them. (And by the way, it has nothing to do with having children.)

Here’s the reason – and how to solve it.


What happens when a new President, CEO, or Board Chair takes the reins?


He or she brings in their “people”, of course. The people they’ve worked with, the people they trust, the people who can help them achieve their goals.


Who would your “people” be? Even if you’re a woman or someone of color – would they be mostly men? Mostly white? It’s possible. Probable even.


So if you want to change the game, CHANGE. THE. GAME.


Start by making sure you’re someone’s “people.” Stay connected to your mentors and sponsors. Make it clear what you want to be “known” for – especially if you want a board seat.


And then, start deciding who your “people” are. Make sure there is diversity in the form of gender, race, and perspective. When it’s your turn, be ready to pull those people up with you.


That’s how we change the game.


We stop whining about it. And we start doing something about it. Today.



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