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When The S*** Hits The Fan…

Recently, I’ve been going through a great deal of personal mayhem that has sent shock waves through my private life. But on the work front it has been unbelievably easy and I attribute that to one thing. Collaboration.

Let me break it down for you.

I work with a highly ambitious, entrepreneur looking out for women who own their own businesses. She built Her Corner, because she wanted a support system of women to collaborate with while growing her big ideas. Makes sense right?

But what I didn’t know about her; she is not only great at collaborating to help women grow their business, she is a fantastic collaborator to have on your side when the s*** hits the fan.

She worked around my schedule (many crazy appointments and times I needed to leave early or take off) and even more than that, she made me feel like I could turn to her when I needed something off my plate. Usually the roles are reversed (meaning she comes to me with her To Do list and I take work from her). But during this difficult time she not only collaborated with me so I could continue to do my job well, she also took on some of my monkeys (if you haven’t heard about “monkeys” check out this article!) that made my job doable under the circumstances I was living with.

I could not have gotten through my personal struggles and continued to work if it wasn’t for her. And my take away is forever going to be how powerful collaboration is when applied to not only business, but all areas of your life.

So take advantage of this amazing network of women surrounding you at Her Corner. You never know if the person sitting next to you at an event or group meeting is going to be your next great Collaboration.

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