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To Grow A Business…Focus on Doing More of Less.

Recently we made a big decision to kill our online, 10-day learning programs that used the best content from our peer groups and allowed anyone, anywhere to download and use them. We made this decision for two main reasons – 1) so that we could focus and streamline our business, and 2) because the online learning market is a crazy-crowded space.

Did it make me a little sad to kill the programs? Sure. A little. A decent amount of time and effort and money went into creating them, picking a learning platform, and integrating it into our new site.

But let’s be real. It’s not about whether or not I feel sad. It’s about whether or not it makes good business sense. And it didn’t. The amount of time it would take to market and sell these programs wasn’t worth the upside of the revenue.

But most importantly, it was a distraction. And that’s what we noticed when Kimberly and I really looked at our business. There were too many distractions. While trying to support women business owners, including on a global level, we had found ourselves in a situation where we were trying to offer too many things to too many people. And we got distracted trying to market each of them simultaneously.

So we asked ourselves one very important question. What are we better at than anyone else? And the answer was so obvious.

Our accelerator program.

It’s a one-of-a-kind program that solely focuses on teaching women how to grow their business. It makes a huge impact. And it helps us achieve our mission.

So the rest of it had to go. We had to focus and grow strategically without distraction.

And you know what? While I may have felt a little sad about the loss of all that work and time and money, ultimately I feel enormously grateful for the clarity and direction. I have not felt so optimistic and enthusiastic about Her Corner in months – and I realized it was because I was exhausted from trying to keep all those offers running smoothly.

Less is more.

For us, it’s the only way to grow.

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