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What’s Your Technology Score?

Last month we talked about the importance of numbers to help make decisions about your business. Now consider how technology fuels your business growth. If there was a blackout, could you access important information to keep the business running? Or are you on the end of the spectrum that spends more time on tasks because you haven’t taken the leap to integrate some helpful options that exist? Let’s discuss how fellow entrepreneurs are tackling these issues and how to put your business in the appropriate technology sweet spot.  

During a recent conversation with a Her Corner business owner, we discussed how behind she felt in terms of technology preparedness. The growing sentiment was laid out in a recent Forbes article advocating that cryptocurrency is king, sustainability is a must and artificial intelligence is the new world order! Sound intimidating? Don’t let it be. You are not required to be a master in technology in order to grow your business. However, rest assured that you can’t just put your head in the sand either. As you consider growth strategies, see what other members have tried:

“I’m a research girl so I looked around so I could make an informed decision about which payment systems were best for customers and me. I did get a little overwhelmed with all the pop-ups on my computer and inbox.”

S James, Thompson Barbecue, Marietta, GA

Takeaway: Don’t scan too wide of a net, start with focusing on technology solutions for your industry.

“Staff sharing worked best for me. Based on my business size, I needed part-time help to solve web issues and upgrade my business technology acumen but someone who did not juggle me amongst several different clients.”

T Adderly, Adderly Dental Group, Washington, DC

Takeaway: Be creative on meeting staffing challenges to give you the priority attention needed. Sharing with specific parameters can be cost-effective, useful, and allows for shorter commitments. 

Additional Solutions:

  1. Don’t settle or be made to feel out of your depth. You are not wrong to want someone who can translate technology conversations into English. 
  2. Set a budget that makes you comfortable. There are solutions at every price point.
  3. Don’t try this alone. Distribute a referral email amongst your network detailing what you need. Your time is better spent focusing on your expertise.
  4. Contact us at [email protected] to access our technology strategy template to help you get organized and determine if you are over or under-utilizing technology solutions in your business. Trust me. Even if it hurts a bit, better to know where you stand than not!

You Got This, So Let’s Get It Done!

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Forbes article reference

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