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What’s Going On At Her Corner?

Hello 2020!! Fred and I thought we would give you a little update on what we’ve been working on since she came back from New Zealand in August and what you can expect to see from Her Corner in 2020. Members always seem to like it when we pull the curtains back a little bit and show you how we think about our own strategic initiatives, learn from our past mistakes, and try to improve things for the future.


Ever since we moved away from large speaking events, we have really struggled with what the value proposition for a community member should be. If you recall, we experimented for a year with an online magazine called The Bottom Line, we introduced a quarterly mini-Accelerator workshop, and we even tested out the concept of making personalized introductions within our community. We can honestly say without shame that none of these met with great success, so we got rid of the membership entirely until we could come up with something better.

All the while, the constant feedback we get from the community is that we don’t have anything tailored to the woman entrepreneur who wants help growing her business but who isn’t quite ready for the time and financial commitment of the Accelerator. Until now.

With the new Community Membership, anyone will be able to get two pieces of educational content from our extensive content library every month. You can choose any two worksheets you want so that you can focus on the particular challenge you are facing at that time. You will also get a private link to a monthly zoom call where anyone can join us for office hours to ask questions or get help with the specific worksheets they are working on. If you need even more personalized help, you can get $100 off your first one-on-one coaching call with any of our business coaches.

There will be a one-time, nonrefundable initiation fee of $450, which will include a get-started pack with lots of goodies to help you begin growing your business. Then you will be charged $99 per month, and each month you will be able to select two new business templates based on where you feel you’re a bit stuck. This membership is cancellable at any time, so there is no risk of making a long-term commitment.

We are excited about this new offering and believe it meets the demands we are hearing from you, our community.

If this sounds like something you need you can sign up right now by clicking “Join” at the top of our webpage.

As always, we are profoundly thankful for the Her Corner community and the support you show to us and to each other. We can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you will accomplish in 2020.

All our best,
Kimby and Fred

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