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What To Do When Things Go Wrong

I have had two customer service experiences in the last week that blew me away. In both instances, the company had screwed up. One had lost my order completely and the other had severe shipping delays. In both cases, I emailed the companies and asked for an update. What I got in return were responses that were honest, apologetic, and hit exactly the right tone. I have to admit, I was a little shocked.

I have become accustomed to getting excuses or having blame placed elsewhere when a customer service experience is disappointing. But in these two cases, exactly the opposite happened. Both companies admitted wrongdoing upfront. Both clearly explained where things had gone wrong.

Most importantly, both companies acknowledged how disappointed I felt and agreed that their customer experience had been unacceptable up to this point. And then they fixed it.

The company with the shipping delay expedited a new order that arrived less than 24 hours later. The company that had lost my order gave me a $15 credit to use when I place a new order.

I was so pleasantly surprised by both of these interactions and to be honest, these companies have won me over. I would say I am more loyal to them now than I was before I had these problems.

Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to just admit when a mistake was made and fix it? Why don’t we see more of that?

In the craziness of the next few weeks when we are all rushed, stressed, and exhausted, I want to encourage you to slow down when it comes to dealing with your customers or clients. If things have gone awry, follow the examples these two companies have set. Be honest, admit you made a mistake, and then fix it. It is just that simple.

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