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What Do You Do When There’s a Hiccup?

I recently had a coaching call with an Accelerator member who had had a few hiccups in her business over the last two months. We all have hiccups now and then. But what struck me about this call was her willingness and ability to learn from those hiccups and improve aspects of her business moving forward. This is really hard to do.


How do we learn from things that didn’t go as planned?



The first step is to try and take a step back from the emotion of the situation and understand objectively what actually happened.


  • What went wrong?
  • Was it a communication failure?
  • A problem with the way my systems are set up?
  • Am I pitching to the right people who can make purchasing decisions?
  • Am I articulating clearly enough to my contractors what I need them to do?


The next step is to ask yourself what changes you can make to ensure that this same hiccup doesn’t happen again.


  • How can I communicate more clearly?
  • Can I establish clearer metrics or goals?
  • Have I put in place enough structure for the contractors I’ve hired so that they know what to be working on and when I need the work finished?


Finally, the key to really moving forward is to put the hiccup behind you. Acknowledge that it happened, get the key learnings from the situation, make the changes you need to make to prevent a similar situation from happening again.


Then move on. No pity party, no angry outbursts.


It happened, you learned from it, you made some changes.


Now you are ready to take on the next challenge.

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