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What Comes Next?

Okay, everyone! We are halfway through August. We have all busted our behinds for the last few months pivoting our businesses, dealing with PPP gymnastics, mourning each and every event that got cancelled while trying to maintain a positive attitude. The truth is, we are exhausted, both physically and emotionally.

But guess what? It’s not over.

Hopefully each of you has been able to take some time off, either at home or somewhere else to recharge your batteries. And maybe you took some steps to shore up your mental health and make sure you have the necessary support systems in place for the long haul as we talked about here a few weeks ago.

But despite all of this, there is one question that is keeping us up at night.

What comes next?

  • What’s the 2.0 version of what you should do next for your business?
  • How will you re-think marketing, or tech, or sales?
  • How will we anticipate the next hurdles?

Our peer groups will be focusing on these important questions over the next few months.

  • In September we’ll be asking what tech solutions are out there that can help us do our work more efficiently.
  • In October we’ll be focusing on the ‘Next Big Idea’, beginning to answer the question: “If you could introduce one new big thing in 2021, what would it be?”

The truth is, we will not be in this pandemic crisis forever. At some point, either a few months from now or a year from now, vaccines or treatments are going to come along and then many parts of our lives will return to how they were. But for the moment, we have to assume that not all things will return to the way they were, and that business is going to operate in this new norm for a good while longer.

So buckle up as we head into Fall and start anticipating the questions and challenges you are going to face. The only way to succeed is to have a plan.

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