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Well, what do you know!

Over the last several months, I’ve been beating myself up about Her Corner – where am I taking it, what changes am I making, and I completely lost track of what we’d achieved this year. 
When I sat down this week and took inventory of our progress and looked at our final numbers for the year, I was kind of blown away. 

We totally rocked 2015! 
Here’s a look at where we’ve been and what we’ve achieved. 

1. Our membership grew to over 600 active members & 3,400 Her Corner subscribers (wowsers!) 

2.  We launched our first business accelerator, Groups Plus, in January 2015 and are now kicking off our 3rd cohort next month

3. We brought in speakers from across the country like Jen Bilik from LA and Miki Agrawal from NYC

4. We developed sponsorship agreements with National companies like Insightly, Mailchimp, CarrWorkplaces, and Nordstrom

5. Her Corner was mentioned in a report to the President of the United States and Congress as a powerful resource for women business owners by the National Women’s Business Council

6. Our founder, Frederique, spoke on behalf of women in business and entrepreneurs at large National companies like Chobani, AstraZeneca, Marriott, among others

7. We restructured Groups and launched Flash Groups for more consistent support and included even more in person networking options 

8. We recognized women within the community who are transforming their businesses and serving as role models for the rest of us
Next year we’ll be doing even more – expanding our brand for an even broader national expansion. Bringing our Groups content (developed over the last 5 years with hundreds of business owners,) to all our members – not just those in Groups. And continuing to work with women in other states to teach them how to bring the Her Corner model to their communities. 
Before we close the year, I’d like to say thank you, to all of you, for being a part of this community, for supporting this movement, and for your emails and feedback to me personally as I chronicle the experience of building a company. I am so thankful. 
Happy New Year everyone! 
Xo  – fred

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