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©Rebecca Emily Drobis


HER Corner was started in Washington, D.C. in 2011. I started Her Corner out of my own need to find other women who, like me, were building and growing businesses. While I was thrilled with the flexibility and freedom of having my own business, I also felt isolated and lonely. I wanted to find other women, like me, with whom I could share and collaborate with and not worry I might be reinventing the wheel. I put together my first dinner group with the women in my own neighborhood (after all, who wants to travel again at the end of the day?) Today we have groups all across Washington, in various neighborhoods, and we are growing. Our goal is ambitious – every city in all parts of the world should have groups running for women entrepreneurs; a place she can go to be inspired and to aspire.

This blog allows me to briefly introduce you to some of the women I’ve met along the way, including what I love about them and the businesses they’re building. I hope you will feel as inspired as I do.

Together we can aspire to build the businesses we’ve all envisioned!

– Frédérique Irwin
Founder, Her Corner LLC

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