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We Can’t Keep Living In Fear

I am becoming increasingly concerned about our society and how comfortable we all have become living in a place of fear. I get it, the pandemic has been terrifying and utterly devastating in so many ways. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. More and more people are getting vaccinated every day. Slowly but surely (and not even so slowly in some places) business is opening up again.

But more often than not, I hear people making decisions from a place of fear instead of optimism.

Here’s the problem with thinking this way…

We have all gotten used to living in our caves. We mostly stay at home. We don’t go to restaurants or grocery stores or any of the million other places we used to go without thinking twice. From a sociological standpoint, this is actually a fascinating phenomenon. Now that we can begin to emerge from our cocoons of safety, a lot of us don’t really want to. We have gotten used to working in our pajamas and zooming for meetings and all of the other accommodations we made when the crisis hit.

Now take that dilemma and apply it to your business. How are you allowing fear (whether well-founded or not) to drive the decisions you are making for your business? Do you even notice that you’re doing it?

Entrepreneurs are risk-takers at heart. You have to be in order to take the plunge and launch your own business.

If we lose the ability to feel comfortable with risk, we lose the ability and clear-mindedness to make solid business decisions.

If we don’t all shake ourselves out of the COVID routines we have become accustomed to, business will never get back to what it once was.

It is time to venture out of the cave. You can take baby steps at first. But please, start taking those steps. Re-learn to feel okay with risk. All of our businesses depend on it.

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