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Using Organization to Take Back Control

As many of you may already know, over the last year or so I went through a major life change. I was separated and then divorced, moved twice and even launched a new part of my business. This was a huge change for many reasons including financially. Keeping my home and business running with all of the financial changes made me anxious, nervous and completely stressed out.

What was physically going on around me was completely affecting my emotional state. My poor emotional state was then affecting my physical state, so as you can guess, this was a bad cycle.

Because my physical and emotional states were cycling off of each other, I was having a really hard time getting a handle on what I needed to be doing for my business to survive and for me to be financially secure for both myself and my daughters.

That’s when I realized that I was not alone. When it comes to finances or any big change, everyone can easily be thrown out of whack both physically and emotionally.

In my case I decided that I needed to take control over the physical first. This was the easier part. Whether your stress is from a financial change or any other big life change. You can work really hard to take control over your physical space which will in turn help you feel better emotionally. Trust me, I can say from personal experience that it works. Getting a handle on what is surrounding you, getting it organized and creating systems can help ease the overwhelming feeling. When your physical space is under control you can put your focus towards the emotional.

​Recently, â€‹I was asked to be interviewed for an article in U.S. News and World Report about how to start over financially. This was perfect timing, I had advice to give! As an organizer, I was able to use my expertise in my own life to help me get through a big change and start over and I am beyond thrilled to use what I have gone through to help someone else.

Now I would love to hear from you.

Have you gone through a big life change that affected you both physically and emotionally? Whether it was a financial change or any other change, what did you do to take back control of your physical and emotional space?

Remember to give as much detail as possible. We all go through things and there are many readers out there who may be looking for just the advice you have to give.

Major life changes, especially ones that affect our financial security can be extremely difficult to overcome. When our emotions and our physical space are bouncing off each other, the best advice I can give is to tackle the physical space head on. In my case, this was gaining back control of my home and business and getting them organized, and it truly made a difference.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing.

With Love,


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