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Over the last few months, Her Corner has received more and more applications from remarkable candidates who want to teach our Accelerator program across the country. I’m particularly happy that so many of these candidates are women of color—finally, our strategic initiative is coming to fruition!

But from an operations perspective, Her Corner has not been able to build groups quickly enough to hand each qualified candidate her own group quickly enough. And that’s a problem.

I had assumed it was a problem that we needed to fix internally. Because I believed that the women who were interested in teaching were generally not going to be the same women who wanted to assemble (and sell) groups of their own.


Something interesting happened this spring. One of our current facilitators, Karen Tempkin, asked us if she could not only run a group (she’s currently running one in DC), but also if we would teach her how to launch her own group. We were surprised, but we said sure!

Here’s what happened.

In May, Karen launched her first Accelerator program in Missoula, MT, effectively proving to us that not only could someone other than one of our team members launch a group, but that there was demand in a smaller market.

Talk about a shift in paradigm. We had not expected either of these outcomes – although we were very pleasantly surprised!

So now we’ve decided to test this concept by taking it a step further.

Starting this summer, I will be working with a handpicked and small group of three to five facilitators to teach them how to build and then launch a group, with the intention of having them launch their own groups in January 2019.

If successful, we will roll this program out on a larger scale to other women who are interested in launching and teaching our program to their own networks and groups. This will allow Her Corner to achieve a breadth of impact to women business owners that we had initially thought would take years.

I always find it funny that despite the best analysis of our own business, we can still be wrong and completely surprised about how things unfold.

I guess it’s true what they say about assumptions.

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