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Today I’m Going To Make Time For Myself.

Why in the world is that so hard to do? And don’t tell me it’s because I’m a mom of three kids whose needs come first. That’s not what I mean. Those kids will be fed and taken care of regardless of whether or not I take an hour of time out of my day to do something for myself.

I’m talking about the guilt that comes with making time for ourselves, that sense that we should be doing something else.

It’s a topic that has come up quite a lot recently in one of our Her Corner groups. A member made it a priority this year to get healthy – and you should see the results. She looks, sounds, feels, and talks like a whole new person – it is completely inspiring! AND, she will tell you, she also feels guilty about it. Guilty because it was time that she didn’t spend on her business, and she thinks she could have done more for it.

I completely understand what she means. When Julien was born in 2013, I did the same thing. I made a commitment to make time for myself though exercise, yoga, and eating better. It worked and, as my husband said, I never looked happier. Because all those things make us happy, we know this to be true.

However, a year later, I started slipping. There were so many things to do for work and around the house. And little by little, I stopped making myself a priority again.

But here’s what the worst part was:

I cannot point to something tangible and show you what I achieved by putting myself last again. There is no master list manager who ranks how many of us completed the most to-do’s. So while I may feel like my business and my life are running well, I can’t really prove it and I can’t show you that. But what I DO know is that personally, I don’t feel, sound, and look as great as I did when I made myself a priority.

So here’s the thing. It’s really hard to push aside guilt and put yourself first, but I am going to try again. I am going to re-commit to making myself a priority. Some days I’ll be #1, and some days I’ll be #2 or even #3. But so help me, I will not be last.

Frederique is passionate about helping women take their businesses to the next level of growth and success. As founder and CEO of Her Corner, she applies her entrepreneurial spirit, management consulting background and business operations expertise to give women the springboard they need to move forward. 

Her Corner grew out of a lightbulb moment Frederique had in 2011. After realizing that access to other motivated and ambitious 
women business owners was lacking in her existing network, 
she decided to do something about it – and Her Corner was born.

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