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There is no such think as a blue print for success.

About five years ago, I was curious enough about those so-called marketing “gurus” – the ones who charge thousands of dollars to work with them, who sell hope to new business owners, who promise that “you, too, can be just as successful as me!” – that I went to a few of their conferences.

I watched in awe as a two-day theatrical performance concluded with a final “offer” to join the guru’s master mind for the low, low price of $35,000 a year. I have to say, it left a terrible taste in my mouth. How dare these men and women sell hope as a strategy to people who often times couldn’t afford to spend that kind of money?

Well, today’s post isn’t about what I think about this guru marketing world, although I’m sure you can guess how I feel.

Today we’re talking about the “bargain-priced” package they also offer – and why it’s such a bad idea.

That’s right, for those of us in the room who couldn’t afford (or didn’t want) that expensive program, we could buy – wait for it, this was the real name that was used – a “blueprint for success” for somewhere around $5,000. The blueprint promised to teach you the steps that you could take to build a successful business, just like the guru had done. No one would hold your hand, and you’d have to do the work on your own, but you’d get their exact formula for how they did it.

I remember once again shaking my head at this offer, but I didn’t really think about it again until a recent conversation with one of our Her Corner members. She was telling me about how she had recently bought a similar blueprint for launching a product. She followed the steps down to the letter, launched the product, and immediately realized it had been a mistake.

Here’s why:

  1. What she’d been told to do was completely out of line with her brand, her voice, and how she would normally present a product. Luckily, she’d beta tested the launch on a small group of prospects, and because she received immediate feedback that no one liked the way she was selling, she was able to tweak her approach before launch.
  2. Please don’t buy a blueprint for sales, or worse, for “success.” Your sales process is personal, and it is tied to your business. What worked for someone else will most likely not work for you. While there are a few golden rules and some nuggets of information that you can borrow from these blueprints, I promise they’re not worth thousands of dollars.
  3. I get that most of us just want to be told what to do, especially when it comes to achieving success for our business. But just like everything else in life, it’s just not that simple.

Take the time to do your research, see what’s worked for others, and then build a sales strategy that is directly in line with your own business, your personal voice, and your business’s brand. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and money – and you may even save yourself some embarrassment (depending on whose system you implemented!).

Frederique is passionate about helping women take their businesses to the next level of growth and success. As founder and CEO of Her Corner, she applies her entrepreneurial spirit & management consulting background and business operations expertise to give women the springboard they need to move forward.

Her Corner grew out of a lightbulb moment Frederique had in 2011. After realizing that access to other motivated and ambitious women business owners was lacking in her existing network she decided to do something about it – and Her Corner was born.

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