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The Surprising #1 Reason That Women Come to Her Corner

I’ve often said that it’s easy to know when it’s time to join Her Corner—and specifically our Accelerator program, which helps you get serious about growing and scaling your business.


I thought you were joining for one of two reasons. Either you were tired of feeling completely overwhelmed, like you’re doing the same thing every day but not getting anywhere. Or you just didn’t know what to do next. And you wanted someone to look at your business with you and tell you exactly what it would take to get to the next stage, and how to do it.


But I have been wrong. Really wrong.


While these might be in the top three reasons why women come to Her Corner, neither of these is the single biggest reason. I now know what that reason is, and I couldn’t be more surprised.


On a daily basis, Kimby and I talk to several women business owners who are considering joining one of our programs and, while rarely does someone lead with this reason, I hear it come up in at least every other conversation.


It may take some talking to get to this reason, but once it’s stated, the woman breathes a sigh of relief.


The reason? “I want to be more financially secure.”


But what is she really saying? What does “wanting to be financially secure” mean?


She’s saying that she doesn’t want to worry about money. She wants to know her business can support her, her family, and her children, if she has them. She wants to get to a place where she feels not just comfortable, but confident, that this business provides the financial stability she desires.


And now I understand. At Her Corner we don’t attract many women who are under 30. In fact, because one of our requirements is that your business must have been in existence at least one—and typically several—years, our demographic is typically women who are 35 and up.


Some of these women are women who are coming to us because they’ve recently gone through a divorce or are about to, but many are single or happily married. But they want to contribute, consistently. They want to feel that the business can provide not just for them, but for their families, and their future.


Sure they might feel overwhelmed and absolutely they want detailed guidance on growth, but they’re mainly concerned about securing their financial future. And that is why they’re coming to Her Corner. To learn how to make that happen.


When I watch one of those women stand in front of her peer group and present her financials, confident not only in what she is saying, but also in the trends she is seeing, that’s a whole new level of happiness for me personally. Because in that moment, I’m looking at a woman who is no longer afraid or worried about her future.

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