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The Quarterly Plan

The Fourth Quarter is upon us! It is time to finish out the year strong and start your annual planning for 2022. Right? Well, not so fast. Considering all the uncertainty for small business owners in the past 20 months, maybe a different approach is needed. Have you considered the quarterly plan?

Planning out an annual strategy is a traditional and proven way to set goals, make informed decisions and track progress. Now with the baseline of year-to-year comparisons being skewed by the pandemic, increasing inflation, and unpredictable market conditions, how can you have realistic projections? A quarterly plan is based on the following pillars:

Tangibility – Some of us can’t think about the week, let alone the year. Breaking up your goals into small tasks help you/your staff achieve success and gain motivation

Flexibility – In the event that a market condition or staffing change dramatically impacts your business or services offered, changes can be made to correct course with this format

Communication – Quarterly plans foster collaboration and transparency for teams via more frequent tracking, reducing the friction to progress.

Whatever planning tools you decide to try, make sure you build time in your calendar to actually REVIEW and USE the plan. If it takes 30 days to develop a habit, by 90 days you will be a pro and well on your way to success!

As we say at Her Corner, you got this, so let’s get it done!

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