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The number one thing I hear members say they need?

Nearly every day, I hear the same refrain from business owners: “I need more clients.”

  • I hear this from visitors to our Her Corner meetings.
  • I hear this from business owners during one-on-one coaching.
  • I hear this from business owners I’ve just met.

Everyone would love to have more clients.


Here’s what blows my mind: Most of us assume that the reason we don’t have more clients (or customers for those of us who are B2C) is because we don’t market our businesses enough.


But that’s not why we don’t have more clients! Generally speaking, the reason we don’t have more clients is because we don’t have a systematic approach to engage our current and prospective clients. If we regularly grew our database of leads, stayed in touch with prospects, and checked in with current clients, we wouldn’t be asking for more clients. We’d already have them.


I know this is true because this is what our most successful members are doing: They are nurturing leads and continually re-engaging with clients. When we asked them for their go-to solution, the answers were nearly unanimous: Insightly. (I’m not making this up – you can see the results from our November poll HERE.)


Naturally, we needed to learn more, so we picked up the phone and called the folks at Insightly. We asked them to teach us more about their customer relationship management (CRM) solution, from how it works to why they’re rated as the top CRM tool for small businesses to how much it costs (they have a free account level!).


Our biggest takeaway? Insightly is easy to use. Unlike the overly complex Salesforce, Insightly is designed specifically for small business owners, and it integrates with Google apps and Quickbooks so you can operate more efficiently.


But back to the “I need to get more clients” piece of the equation.


When you use a CRM to manage and update your contacts and set reminders for “check-ins,” you create a steady stream of repeatable actions… and the system starts working for you. By automating the process of client engagement, you stop focusing solely on new marketing campaigns. Instead, you start building the relationships you already have.


That’s how you grow your business: turn leads into clients and re-engage clients that already know and love you.


You have to check out what our new friends at Insightly are doing. They’ve published a blog on our site that talks about how to know when it’s time to switch to a CRM, and we’re hosting a call with them on March 31st so that we can see firsthand how it works and ask them questions directly.


Note that we are not an affiliate sales team for Insightly. We were just so impressed with what they can do for our members that it would have been crazy for us not to bring them to your attention. And as it turns out, Inslightly really likes us, too – they are our newest sponsor!

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