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The most beautiful email I have ever read

Her Corner Tysons' member Bella Underwood recently emailed a welcome message to the newest member of her neighborhood group. The email she sent brought tears to my eyes and made me realize just how amazing the women of Her Corner are.  It also reminded me of how important the relationships forged in our neighborhood meetings are for the women building their own businesses. Because she did not use last names and I received approval from the members mentioned, I have kept the email Bella wrote fully intact, so you can also see the powerful impact Bella's group members have made on her.

This is what Her Corner is all about. I am so grateful for all of these amazing women.

These lionesses’ of business and beautiful women, in form and in spirit, are movers and shakers!

Ellen, before you come tonight, I thought I might give you my thoughts about the women you are embarking on this journey with in the Tysons chapter of Her Corner.

In no particular order, I’ll start with Joda.  Joda is comprehensively insightful.  If you listen to her the way she listens to you, she will cause you to be productively introspective in the most delightful way. Although challenges are not always easy to overcome or even facing yourself in the midst of them can be difficult at best, Joda engages you in a way in which you can digest, with a lot of support, and healthy reinforcement.  In the short time I have known her with the challenges I have faced, both professionally and personally, she has extended a helping hand, a listening ear, and a kind word, not on just one occasion but on many. You will not find a person more connected in approaching life and a person’s overall well-being in a healthy and holistic way than Joda.

Lynn won’t be able to join us tonight but when you get to meet her you will find her to be a person with passion for her business. She is brave and persevering, not afraid to ask, which inspires me to continue to ask the hard questions, sometimes the embarrassing or the “obvious to everyone” else questions-in spite of my fears! Her husband is a great grill-guy to boot! Trust me, you can’t wait for her to host again- the food, the food, the food!!!…did I mention the food?!?! What is going to kill you-Lynn is in amazing shape (which makes sense considering her business…but not really, because how can she be…with all that great food around all the time?!?!)

Good golly Ms. Molly! Ms. Molly is fun-loving, interesting, well rounded, and quick witted! Not your typical definition of a lawyer….but she is! Molly is supportive. She shows up. She is smart. She is so smart…and not a pretentious bone in her body (Sorry Molly, that is not typical for a lawyer…smart yes!…if you can find me 5 unpretentious lawyers in DC, I will take you to lunch any place you want to go on my dime…laugh!)… She is an observer, trust me she is taking it all in, analyzing and formulating…she is so smart!…spend a little time with her behind the scenes and you will see exactly what I mean…in the most surprising and delightful way!

Laura Lee is our jet-setter. We don’t see her much but she always makes a way to stay connected with us. She inspires me to keep pursuing my dreams because she seems so fulfilled in pursuing hers. She is open and honest, sharing her triumphs and tragedies. These two qualities alone make her "relatable" and integral to the culture of our group in Tysons. She has helped me to appreciate in pursuing dreams there may be obstacles but the dream is so worth it. She is graceful and elegant. The lady has taste and an eye for style and design.

Jen has a beautiful way with words. She is ALL quality. No mess, no fuss. Her company does branding so it only makes sense she has this incredible connection with communication. What we say? How we say it? What we really mean…personally and professionally. The more time I spend with her the more in awe I am of her clear and concise creative process. This could seem ironic because “creatives” usually are all over the place in their communication, not intentionally; it is just how we are.  Jen’s savvy intellect and conversational process puts you immediately at ease and makes you want to talk more to discover more beautiful words. Spend a few minutes with her.  She is the nicest intellectual you will ever meet! She is so smart!

Joan has laser focus. She is so grounded in who she is and what she wants. She is formidable in challenging you, your ideas, your thought processes, but would you have it any other way? She is a business coach like no other you have ever met!!!  This lady has her game face on and is an expert in knowing the field and the skill of the game! She has presence. She is such a lady. You will not meet a more humane person, in touch with reality and the female experience.  She is humble. She is supportive. She’s got your back. She knows her stuff! This one’s got the “IT” factor!

 (Honestly Ellen, every one of these women are smart!…I can’t help but say it…because when you initially hear the conversations, when you engage them collectively…well, I know for me, I thought I was smart, no, I am smart, I have presence, I have experience, I am business savvy, I know how to make things happen, I speak three languages, I have traveled the world over, lived in several countries, I am as culturally diverse as diversity comes…I met with them and felt, whattttt the hecccc am IIII doingggg here?…LOL! *say it in slow motion….then you will get the feel…hahaha!)…

I have no idea how Courtney is doing it all…but we are extremely grateful and privileged that she is! How she keeps up with all of us, one will never know. We share her with other groups in Her Corner but we know how privileged we are to have her as our facilitator!

Hillary is extremely intuitive, perceptive and insightful…makes sense because she is a marketing master. She has an inclusive mentality. Her spirit adds to the enthusiasm we all have in seeing each other once a month…or as much as we can. She is smart, she is savvy…she is good stuff too!

Kay is an example of standing encouragement!  Kay is thoughtful. She is always considerate…weighing her words in a way that is most beneficial and “digestible” for the listener.  That say’s, experience to be respected! She is so well grounded. She is a woman of dignity and you can’t help but respect her. You just want to, she makes it look that easy.

Christina is business brilliant! She is so giving! She is charming! She is incredibly supportive. This woman’s got your back too! She lives by that motto, give, give, get…she sets a stellar example as what to be and how to be in business.  Spend time with her. Spend time with ALL of them. Christina is what my grandmother would call “the salt of the earth”, actually all of these women are! Every single one of them! Christina turned an idea into a business and then took that experience and created another business. She is a prime example of “necessity is the mother of invention!…oh, yeah, and while we are at it, let it make money for us too!” Only a woman would go through all of that and still have a give, give, get mentality.

Then there’s me, Bella. I sit amongst giants. These lionesses’ of business and beautiful women, in form and in spirit, are movers and shakers! They are balancing families, businesses, self, challenges, triumphs, the learning curve, productivity and progress all in one fell swoop.  They inspire me, they support me, they challenge me, to do better, no, to do my best! I feel honored to take my business journey with them and they honor me with their personal friendships and expert insight and business experience. Let’s just say I am a little ole party planner dreaming to produce “ once-in-a-lifetime” events daring to rival those of Martha Stewart, Colin Cowie, & Preston Bailey, what they mean in the industry for women and special social events, I would like my little ole business journey to take me to be that for men and special social events… Piece of cake, right?!?!…(LOL!) I glean so much from these women and I treasure each and every one of them as I am sure I will come to treasure you Ellen!

You see, we all play our integral parts and are excited that you are coming to enhance and compliment us even further….You are a part of our “tribe” now and that means great things for all of us! Welcome, we look forward to doing great things with you, for you, beside you, and because of you!

See you tonight!

Warm Regards,


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