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The Imperative Of Community

Running small businesses, launching startups, and acting as a solopreneur can often feel isolating, frustrating, and uncertain. Just because you have chosen to pursue these paths doesn’t mean you have to go it alone in defining/refining and executing your enterprise growth strategies.

The reality is that you need a network to advance growth – personal, professional, and for your business.

Your network impacts the success of your business. There have been studies on the influence of socio-cultural factors and peer group input that guide business decisions and entrepreneurial success. Examples of peer group success networks are the friendships and exchanges among Ford, Edison, and Firestone; and Hemingway, Joyce, and Picasso in Paris during the 1920s.

Asking for help is a sign of strength. Realizing that you can’t possibly be an expert in every aspect of your business will pay dividends as you scale your enterprise. Leverage your network to find the subject matter experts/contractors to enrich your operations and/or product offerings.

Leverage your community – in person and virtually. Look for opportunities to connect with influencers and elevate your business profile. It has been proven, time and again, that people are more likely to trust a referral from a friend than from any other source.

Remember to engage with your network in a collaborative manner – when everyone does her/his part to help each other, it’s a win-win.

At Her Corner, we offer small group networking communities and access to a broader group of companies committed to advancing businesses. Our members are collaborative and are committed to sharing success strategies, learning from others, and supporting the emotional growth of business leaders as they advance their businesses.

Stay connected – for personal and business growth!

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Chris Gelnaw is a Founder, Strategic Thinker, Problem Solver, and Mentor. She has over 25 years of entrepreneurial, management consulting and corporate sales experience. She provides innovation and commercialization guidance and validates product/market fit through customer discovery for all startups looking to scale their businesses – existing businesses looking to launch new products/features – existing businesses exploring additional growth opportunities.

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