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The Event Buddy System | Tis The Season To Buddy Up!

Networking is one of the key aspects of growing your business. Some people thrive at networking while others… well, not so much! As a business owner, you are using precious resources (AKA your time and money) to attend these networking events, so you deserve to see a return on your investment. At Her Corner, we recommend a little twist on the classic “Buddy System” in order to make the most out of events.

Try it out and let us know how it goes for you in the comments below!

Instead of bringing a “date,” bring a fellow Her Corner Boss or another business owner. For most of us, it’s much easier to promote and talk about others. When it comes to self-promotion, we tend to stumble over our words a bit or feel unsure about how to best get value out of a conversation. What if you brought a “buddy” to be your advocate and you, hers?

I recently attended the March of Dimes “Heroines of Washington” event. The room was filled with inspiring women making a difference in their communities. I was so focused on learning about others (which can be a great thing), that I was not seizing the opportunity to brag more about Her Corner members. But when my business date from M&T Bank started advocating Her Corner, I finally snapped out of it and took advantage of the event to do the same for her! We both walked away from the event feeling inspired, with new contacts and new ideas! By the way, I was so much more at ease later that week during the DC Chamber of Commerce Gala.  

To use the Buddy System at events, it’s easy! Just remember:

Be Prepared. Whether that means having business cards at-the-ready or preparing an elevator pitch in advance, have a plan before you show up to the event.

Understand the room. What type of event is it? Who do you need to talk to, and about what? How is this event relevant to your business and vice versa?

Document the event. Photos are excellent for business promotion and social media content. Make sure your buddy snaps a pic of you at the event, and then take one together!

Don’t forget to have fun! Make it a contest between you and your buddy to see how many people you can link with over the course of the event – winner is treated to a drink at the end!

YOU. Promote yourself and your buddy’s business. This is not only the key to the Buddy System, but it’s also good karma and what we are all about at Her Corner.

You got this so Let’s Get it Done!

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