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Thank You For Not Knowing Who I Am

We were told that Philadelphians don’t like carpet baggers.


Because we have been making our way to Philadelphia every week to meet the businesses and organizations that support women business owners, we have been treading ever so carefully. We have listened, discussed how to collaborate, and ultimately spent time understanding how Her Corner can find a home in Philadelphia’s business community.


It’s been eye-opening and educational, but more than anything it’s been fun. It has been so much fun to meet so many incredible people who have welcomed us with open arms – and started introducing us around, telling us where to go (and where not to go), suggesting who to make friends with, and pointing us towards great events.


While spending time there (and slowly becoming more visible), I received the single best compliment anyone can ever give me. It’s a compliment I’ve been working towards for four years.


As I was being introduced to someone at a local NAWBO event (for anyone expanding to Philly, it’s a must-join group), she said to me:


I’ve heard of Her Corner. I’m sorry, who are you?


And just like that, she made my day.


Why? Because my intention was never to be bigger than the brand. This isn’t Fred’s Corner. It’s Her Corner. And in 100 years, who cares if anyone remembers me? I’m just an individual who can only do so much.


A brand, however, can be represented by hundreds of strong, motivated and ambitious people who collectively work to achieve something bigger than any one person can accomplish in a lifetime.


And so thank you, Philadelphia, for not knowing who I am. And thank you for knowing about Her Corner. You validated everything I’ve been working towards.

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