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Success with an Asterisk

Have you been questioning your level of success this year? Was it real? Only earned because of PPP? What would have happened without Covid impacting your numbers etc? If so, please STOP it! No matter how or why you did it. Now let’s focus on moving from surviving to thriving.

I have been so inspired by your accomplishments and stories of resilience. From simple adjustments to complex pivots, you are still standing. Remember you are part of the growing number of women business owners making an impact. Furthermore, 40% of businesses fail after a disaster & yours was NOT one of them.


It’s not an accident or pure luck. You have chosen to succeed, and do the work to make it happen. Now you can choose to thrive. Here’s how: celebrate, plan, execute & repeat.

Celebrate: Don’t be scared to treat yourself and smell the roses for a minute. You earned it!

Plan: Use your Her Corner frameworks to get prepared and stay ahead of the competition. 

Execute: Meet with your coach and peer groups for accountability on getting things

Repeat: Don’t make it complicated. Nothing beats a woman with a plan except one who executes a plan and does it again!!

I can’t wait to commune with all of you in the New Year to discuss what’s next for Her Corner and your businesses. In the meantime, I want to see photos and videos of you celebrating and planning so please # Share your yellow pride. (#ShareYourYellowPride).

Remember “The best way to predict the future, is to create it.” — Abraham Lincoln

Yes, occasionally men do say things that make sense ☺

Happy Holidays & Let’s Get it Done!

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