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When Stress Goes Up, Here’s A Way To Help Immediately

When stress goes up do this immediately.




The single most important skill a business owner—and, frankly, so many of us—need to master. It’s the solution to “I’ll just do it myself,” and allows you to finally scale, grow through the help of others, and make time to focus on what really matters.


But what happens when those to whom you delegate become more and more stressed out? When employee anxiety rises, work product suffers.


Instead of taking work back from the team, try this instead. Not only will it allow you to remain on track to grow through delegation, it will immediately make everyone’s anxiety levels go down.


Because the worst thing you could do, actually, is to take work back from someone. The message you’re sending is “you can’t handle this. I’ll just have to do it for you.”


Instead come at the problem from the other angle. Make a commitment to acknowledge people’s strengths. Ideally, do this in front of others. Tell them how great they are at doing certain things. Tell others how instrumental they’ve been in the team’s success.


Compliments yield confidence. Confidence overcomes fears.

And overcoming fears helps employees feel that they can accomplish what you have delegated to them. And along the way, it will also make them happier and more grateful for working for someone who appreciates them.


And you can get back to delegating.

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