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And then she said, “Don’t EVER bring on a business partner.”

During a session break in our accelerator program, Kimberly Berger and I were wrapping up paperwork so we could announce her new role as Her Corner President and COO in three days. As we were frantically making suggested changes to legal documents, the women business owners in the room were emphatically talking about why having a business partner is such a bad idea. They had no idea what we were working on, but I have to admit, it was a pretty funny situation to find ourselves in.


But the conversation they were having is an important one and got me thinking. Why do so many women think that bringing on a business partner is a bad idea? Or that selling a piece of your company for equity financing is a bad idea? Is it because we don’t understand the process or because it feels insurmountable?


From my perspective, taking on an equity partner was the best possible solution to help me scale Her Corner at this point. And finding someone who shared my vision for growth and who wanted to build it with me feels like a home run.


I’ll open up about the process of selling a piece of Her Corner another time, but today I want to let you get to know my new business partner, Kimberly. I think you’ll quickly see what made her such a logical choice.


Fred: What was it about Her Corner that got you excited about the prospect of working here and on this mission?


Kimberly: As a woman who has worked in business for almost 20 years and seen the challenges that women face, I was thrilled to see a community of women business owners committed to helping each other. I am a big believer that you cannot achieve success on your own in a vacuum. You have to be willing to ask for help when you need it, and maybe more importantly, to give help when you can. Her Corner offers an environment where this mindset is celebrated and encouraged, and I wanted to be a part of that.


Given the market research you did as you were looking at investing in Her Corner, what in your mind makes our organization uniquely positioned to help women business owners grow?


Her Corner is the only company I’ve found that is actually getting down in the weeds and doing the dirty work with our members to help them grow their businesses. There are a million consulting firms out there who will talk about big picture concepts. We are the only ones offering specific step by step guidance, worksheets, videos, and peer groups to help members think through tough questions and set big goals. Women who come to Her Corner are looking for guidance, accountability, and a supportive environment to exchange ideas and get advice. No one else offers that mix besides Her Corner.


To help our members better understand your role at Her Corner, can you shed light on how you will help Her Corner grow? How will that be different from what I am focused on?


At least early on, my role will be to drive you, Frederique, crazy with a million questions. Because I am new to the business, I see everything with fresh eyes and so can question why we do things the way we do and make suggestions for how we might do certain things better. I am also facilitating a Groups Plus accelerator and will launch a second group in January.


Long term, I am focused on growth. How can we build a partnership model? What will our marketing strategy look like in order to significantly increase our membership? What is the best way to bring Her Corner to other cities and other countries?


Tell us a little bit about your vision for Her Corner. Where do you hope to see the business go?


I truly believe that Her Corner has the potential to change women’s lives around the world. I want to see Her Corner in every city in America and all over the world. When you think about the potential for women who take control of their financial destinies by starting their own businesses, it is thrilling and frankly, a little humbling. I know we can get there, but it is going to take a lot of work!


What’s one of your favorite things about Her Corner so far?


Definitely the people I have met. Every single woman I have encountered at Her Corner is interesting. I love learning about all of the different businesses they are working on and challenges they are facing. And working with you and Amanda is fantastic. I can’t think of two more fun, committed, and smart women that I would rather be on this journey with.


Thank Kimberly! What’s something you want our members to know about you? Something they may not find in your bio or online?


I love to travel! My husband and I take our three boys on all sorts of adventures around the world, so if you’ve ever taken a great trip, I would love to hear about it!!

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