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To Remain Motivated, Track Effort – Not Outcome

It wasn’t even 9AM yet and one of our Accelerator members, the highly regarded company retirement plan strategist Courtenay Shipley, called me and told me something that made me stop and think.

“I read this book,” she said…

“I implemented the idea,” she said…

“I’m feeling more motivated,” she said…

Now, anything that helps someone stay motivated in their business piques my interest.

“Why?” I asked.


In his book called Triggers, Marshall Goldsmith talks about asking yourself each day—sometimes more than once a day—how much effort you put into something. To ask yourself: on a scale of 1 to 10, did I do my best to ________ (for example, make progress towards such-and-such goal).

Measuring how much effort you put towards something, often something that can’t be accomplished overnight, puts things into perspective. Which in turn keeps you motivated.

It also forces you to look every day at how much effort, exactly, you are putting in. Which gives you an honest assessment of how much you are truly doing versus how much you say you’re going to do!

Achieving annual goals can be hard, whether they’re professional or personal. And according to Courtenay, when you can answer daily that you did your best to be fully engaged, or productive—or whatever else you need to be—can help you stay motivated and provide guidance for tomorrow about where you should focus your efforts next.

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