2021 Peer Group Workbook


2021 Winter / Spring Curriculum

This workbook serves as an accompaniment to monthly Her Corner Peer Group meetings.

Topics include:

  • Goal Setting + Sales Tracking: Evaluating revenue by business line, setting goals for the year, and putting systems in place to track progress.
  • Focus on What Matters: Time Management and Efficiency – How to think about our priorities on a large scale and systematically achieve them.
  • Are you Making Enough Profit? Evaluating your pricing strategy to increase profits.
  • 2021 Digital Marketing: Understanding, implementing, and evaluating the different phases of a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • Engagement: In Your Business. In Your Life. Thinking about the importance of happiness and engagement and how to foster both at work and at home.
  • Improving the Virtual Customer Experience: The virtual customer experience has changed – this month we focus on where and how to improve it.