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The Power of a Moment

One particular question regularly circulates among members on our discussion boards: “What is your favorite gift to share with a client to say thank you?”

People chime in with great ideas: personalized gifts, creative gifts, all of them very thoughtful.

But recently I wondered whether we’re looking at this the wrong way.
Are those gifts leaving the lasting impression we hope that they will leave?
Are they being cherished and remembered; ideally leading to a referral?
Will the gift be something the recipient talks about?

Sadly, I think the answer is no. Which is really a shame, considering how much thought and money go into these gifts.


Philadelphia Founding Member and owner of Indigo Organizing, Amanda Jefferson, recently asked other members about what sorts of moments they are creating in their businesses. Her question piqued my interest because it was exactly the right question to ask.

There has been a lot of discussion recently (based on the book by Dan Heath called The Power of Moments) about creating “moments” for your customers, rather than waiting for the traditional end-of-year or annual gift to show your appreciation.

Moments are different than a gift.

They are often an experience versus an object. They trigger an emotion. And emotions and feelings are what people remember. That’s what they will talk about.

If you’ve been to Dry Bar, you’ve experienced their moment. After sitting in your chair without a mirror in sight, they then spin you around so that you can get the “reveal”—a look in the mirror to see the gorgeous style they’ve just created for you. You feel beautiful. You feel excited. That’s a moment. And it happens every single time you visit.

How can companies create moments that are simple, impactful, and that become part of the company’s DNA and process?

1. If your moment is something you gift, make it personal to that individual and explain why you picked it out for them.

2. If your moment is tied to an emotion, then tell the recipient why you loved working with them, what makes them special, why would you do it again and again.

Send us your ideas, and we’ll tell you what moments we have built into Her Corner!

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