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PODCAST: Is Your Brand Human?


“People who aren’t having any fun seldom do good work.” – David Ogilvy

Want to know how Melanie Spring stays so inspired? Listen to this podcast with Karl Boehm from Spiral Marketing. HINT: It has to do with playtime.

What questions do you have? Post them below and Melanie will respond with answers.

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As the Chief Inspiration Officer of Sisarina, a DC-based brand strategy company, Melanie Spring built her business with a strong content marketing strategy. With an innate sense for social media, connecting with her customers, and building a culture around Sisarina’s quirky brand, Melanie teaches businesses and non-profits how to rock their brand. She toured the US on the Live Your Brand Tour collecting stories from businesses living their brand, which is now published in Entrepreneur Magazine.  Learn more about Melanie & Sisarina HERE.

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