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Phenomenal Woman, Extraordinary Boss

Happy Women’s History Month, Bosses!

At Her Corner, we strive to focus on education and data to help grow your business. Allow me a break from that for a moment to celebrate the value of YOU in growing your business.

In 1978, Maya Angelou wrote about what it meant to be a phenomenal woman. Although we are united in our pride of the greatness women possess, our bonds as entrepreneurs are deepened because we are the captains of our own ships that bear even more responsibility.

Even though women make history every day, March is Women’s History Month and no better time to highlight extraordinary bosses who are making an impact, like YOU.

I am so proud of each of you for waking up every morning and deciding to give it another try in spite of what happened the day before. Isn’t it interesting that the tide has turned and many women have chosen to leave/change their employment status in corporate America to find a situation that more aligns with their needs? You are leaps and bounds ahead because not only do you already know how to run a business but you did it in a pandemic. Now that’s history!

Thank you for changing the way that people think about women business owners. Your creativity, resourcefulness, and most of all resilience has changed the course of opportunities available to current and future entrepreneurs.

You shape lives.
You pour into communities.
You inspire the next generations.
You are freaking amazing.
You are a Boss.

Looking forward to making more history with you through our work together at  Her Corner.

You Got This, So Let’s Get It Done!

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