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Can You Answer This ONE Question?

Her Corner launched a new Accelerator a few months ago — a six-month in person program that offers women personalized support and direction as they grow their businesses.


In the very first session, we sit down with our Accelerator members and map out exactly what they want their business to accomplish. In one year. In three years. We break down the revenue streams to date, we look at the additional market opportunities, and we put all the ideas on the table and consider which ones are promising—and which ones should be put on hold.


Our Accelerator members throw themselves into this first session’s homework. They devote hours into the thinking, evaluating, and mapping.


But then they get to one question and almost every one of them gets stuck. I get calls, emails, and blank stares.


“I have no idea,” they’ll say. “This is a really hard question.”


“No kidding,” I tell them. “But it’s the most critical one. You can’t get past step one without considering it.”


We’re conditioned to focus on achievement and programmed to answer questions like:


  • How much money will I make?
  • How much profit will this yield?
  • How will I scale?


And you know what? It’s not that hard to come up with these answers. Here at Her Corner, we can teach you how to build a pro-forma or how to understand your financials. We can teach you how to consider business options and how to evaluate risk.


But you know what we can’t teach you? How to answer this question:


What do you want your life to look like?


And that’s the crucial question for business success. You need to be clear on what you want and what you want your business to achieve. Only then can you have the life you want.


If you pour your heart, soul, and all your energy into growing your business without asking yourself “to what end?” – I promise you one thing: You will lose momentum and eventually find yourself asking why you’re doing all of this.


So I know it’s a really hard question.


But it’s where you must begin.

Are you a woman business owner in the Washington, D.C. or Philadelphia areas? Click HERE to join our Accelerator program and start growing your business today.

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