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Oh no … here comes the slow no.

There is nothing I prefer more than a quick decision. In fact, I’m a bit over in extreme territory when it comes to how quickly I like to make a decision. According to some personality testing I’ve had done, this is in line with my personality traits. I am actually uncomfortable when a decision hasn’t been made. I’m much more comfortable once it’s been made and I can move into action mode.


By comparison, I’m married to someone who takes forever (forever!) to make a decision (and I’m now realizing that it’s somewhat of a miracle that he was able to marry me).


The trouble with slow decision makers is that they waste time. (And yes, I know that there’s lots of trouble with fast decision makers, too.) When it comes to business, wasting time is dangerous. Taking time to discuss whether right now is the right time, taking time to think about it, taking time to ponder it, taking time to sleep on it. Who has that kind of time – especially when the answer might be no? No one! No one has time for the slow no.


So if you see one of these slow decision makers and a slow no coming, here’s what you can do about it:


  1. Set a time frame in your proposals for when you expect an answer. Or set a deadline for how long the price will be valid.


  1. Put that person on simmer and take them out of your prospect bucket. You can’t control their process, so just focus on your own.


  1. If it’s really taking forever, cut your losses and move on.


Actually, you know what I prefer to a fast decision? A fast yes. Let’s do this and get cracking!


How do you handle slow decision makers?

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