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Do Not Say This, Because Life Is Not That Simple.

Someone said to me, with complete conviction, “You know, if you don’t finish, you never really wanted it.”


That was her way of pushing herself to reach her goals. In her mind, if she didn’t get there, she must not have wanted it in the first place.


I’ve also heard variations of “Excuses are for when you don’t want it badly enough.”


At this point, I’ve met too many business owners to believe life is just that simple, that you don’t reach your goals because your heart wasn’t in it. Here’s why.


Every woman business owner I have ever met has a vision. She knows what she wants. She has goals to get there.


But here’s the thing. I’d say about 25% of the women I work with find themselves in situations that are completely outside their control.


Sometimes, they’re big, ugly, god-awful situations.


Sometimes, they’re big, beautiful, unexpected situations.


Like the woman who goes from fit and healthy one day to stage four cancer the next. Or the mom whose outgoing, happy child withdraws into drugs and needs constant support. Or the woman who wakes up one day, finds out her father is dying and flies across the country to be with him during his final months.


Or on the flip side: There’s the woman who suddenly decides that life is too short and moves to Italy. Or the woman who meets the love of her life in the Fall of her life. Or the woman who decides to build a business just when her husband retires.


Do not tell me that these women didn’t want to build a business enough. You’ll just get an earful. It’s OK if priorities change. It’s OK to choose a new path. It’s OK to respond to life as it happens.


Life is not simple. Let’s not beat ourselves up for it.

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