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There Are No Magic Beans

As I have been working with Her Corner members over the last few months I have noticed many women making the same mistake. They seem to think there is some magic solution that will solve everything. It sounds a little like this, “I just need to get the right CRM system and set it up and get it running. Once I do that, everything will be fine.” Another variation might be, “I just need to get my new branding done and once I do that, everything will start rolling.”


First, running a business is COMPLICATED! It is an intricate symphony of constantly moving pieces. There are clients and vendors and supplies and technologies and employees and contractors and on and on and on. Thinking that just getting the piano tuned will make the entire symphony perfect is not realistic.

Second, too often I see business owners use this line of thinking as an excuse—a reason they can’t get started at all. Well, I can’t start my prospecting process because my website isn’t perfect. Or I can’t take on a new client because I don’t have my billing system all set up. We let ourselves off the hook instead of taking on the hard work we have to do DAILY in order to keep our businesses running and growing.

Just stop it. I am here to assure you, there are no magic beans! There is no one thing that if you did it, everything would be okay. You have to do ALL of the things to move your business forward.

So starting today, make a plan. Write out the big things you have to get accomplished and then figure out the steps you need to get there. Yes, some items might take longer or require a larger investment of money, but that’s okay. That doesn’t give you permission to stop doing everything else.

So stop making excuses that allow you to put crucial aspects of your business on hold. To move forward, you need muscle, not magic.

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