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New Year Marketing Tips

Every business owner makes a list of marketing ideas, plan and strategies to implement in the New Year, but they often fail to follow through on them and this brings on disillusionment which leads to projects being abandoned.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid failure and improve your marketing in small, but achievable ways:

  • Do what you are best at: Don’t force yourself to pursue marketing efforts that you either hate or have no aptitude for. If you love to write, start a blog promoting your business, if you are an introvert who finds it difficult to socialize, hire a PR assistant to network for you. Play to your strengths and you will make much more progress whilst delegating other tasks.
  • Stay focused: It seems there is a new social media network or marketing app every month. It can be tempting to jump on the band wagon without considering the time and effort required to really master a new strategy or product. Pick one or two areas that you want to dominate and ply your energy into making your business stand out. You don’t want to be a ‘jack of all trades’ and master of none.
  • Build your team: There isn’t a single successful entrepreneur without a team behind him/her. Every business needs support to achieve its goals. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an accountant, social media manager or graphic designer; get the help you need to achieve success.
  • Look forward: We all know the excitement of a new year quickly wears off, but it you create a marketing strategy to take you through the year, you will make yourself accountable to achieving certain goals and timelines.

New Year brings lots of great opportunities to renew and reenergize your business. Take some time out to make a marketing plan and you will find that success is around the corner. At Exceptional Business Solutions, we offer a variety of marketing and business support to help you reach your goals effortlessly. Contact Tya HERE for a consultation

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Tya Bolton is the CEO of the award-winning Exceptional Business Solutions, LLC. EBS has three divisions – Exceptional Events, Exceptional e-Marketing, and Exceptional Training & Operations. The EBS team partners with small to mid-sized organizations around the world, strategically helping them implement mistake free systems and generate multiple income streams through the perfect repertoire of events, e-Marketing, and operations guidance. When businesses are ready to stop winging it and make a total commitment, Tya’s team takes them on a profit launch extravaganza.

She is the founder of Exceptional Business Solutions and is the facilitator for the Alexandria and Waldorf Her Corner groups.

You can view her profile HERE.

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