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Recently I was training one of our new facilitators—a no-kidding rock star woman named Mieka Wick. Anyone who will be in one of her groups is going to be in for the experience of their lives. Sure, she’s outgoing, approachable, and smart, but that’s pretty standard for who we hire. She has also been the CEO of a company for over 10 years, completed a program at the Aspen Institute that transformed how she sees the world, and can talk about all of that while still using words that regular people understand. She is absolutely fantastic. And she’s a very quick study.


She repeated all the topics we had covered, and all the approaches, templates, and financial models that we teach. She reviewed each of the members in the group she’ll be taking on, and she summarized where each woman is in her business. As far as I was concerned, she was totally prepared.

But then she said: “I’m still missing something.”
“What?” I asked. I had no idea what she could possibly be missing.

“What’s your secret?” she asked. “How do you make such an impact on each of these women?”

She threw me off for a moment.

She wanted to know what my secret sauce was, what I did beyond just the topics and agendas and templates and financial models, in order to help these businesses and their CEOs thrive.

What a thoughtful question.

And my answer is so unscientific, so simple really.

I told her honestly: I love them.

Each of them.

I approach the women in our Accelerator groups with love, and I let them know that they’re safe here. And that I’m here to help. And that together we will figure this out.

And guess what? When you believe in someone. When you genuinely care about them. They will flourish. And so will their businesses.

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