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Naomi Brown


Naomi Brown’s passion lies in building resources that support other women in their professional ambitions through coaching. She is also the newly announced owner of Her Corner, a community of over 7,000 women entrepreneurs supporting each other through networking, resource sharing, and education to help grow their women-owned businesses.

STAR Enterprises, the company she founded and currently leads, is an 8(a), EDWOSB supplemental solutions provider for private, commercial, and government entities.

Quirky fact:
Was a high school exchange student in Russia

I can’t live without:
Three Musketeers Candy Bars

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Susan Apgood

Accelerator Facilitator

Susan Apgood is Founder and Executive Vice President at News Generation Inc., a media relations firm in Bethesda, MD. She earned her MBA from American University and BA from George Washington University.

Quirky fact:
I am obsessed with Scrapbooking!

I can’t live without:

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Jennie Blumenthal

Accelerator Facilitator

Jennie Blumenthal is an entrepreneur, guest lecturer at UVa, executive coach for female entrepreneurs, Board Member, and a former Partner at PwC. She thrives at the intersection of entrepreneurship, customer insights, innovation, and tech. With over 20 years of experience across hospitality, technology, entertainment, public sector, and telecommunications industries, Jennie’s speciality is counseling executives in Sales, Marketing, and Digital transformations, powered by technologies including Salesforce and Adobe.

Quirky fact:
I sing constantly around the house and change the lyrics to make my kids laugh

I can’t live without:


Chris Gelnaw

Accelerator Facilitator

Chris McGarry Gelnaw is a Founder, Strategic Thinker, Problem Solver, and Mentor. She has over 25 years of entrepreneurial, management consulting and corporate sales experience. She provides innovation and commercialization guidance and validates product/market fit through customer discovery for all startups looking to scale their businesses – existing businesses looking to launch new products/features – existing businesses exploring additional growth opportunities.

Quirky fact:
I remember envying my dad’s forehead wrinkles at 11 years old, and working my expressions for early onset. Be careful of what you wish for!

I can’t live without:


Towanda Livingston


Towanda R. Livingston is a successful and award-winning Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Executive. She is the Chief Business Strategist at Livingston Worx, a company she founded in 2017 which delivers innovative and transformational Equity, Diversity and Inclusion solutions to the government, public and private sectors.

Quirky fact:
I am 17 years older than my little sister, who I call “My Potato.” My little sister’s daughter, my awesome niece, I call her “My French Fry.”

I can’t live without:
My Sister Circle – They are my Destiny Builders

Kilo n Sele

Galia Gichon

Accelerator Facilitator

Galia Gichon is an independent personal financial expert with more than 20 years in financial services, including nearly 10 years on Wall Street and an MBA in Finance. She is an angel investor and has worked with Pipeline Angels, Astia, Topstone Angels and Refinery CT. She has been widely quoted in The New York Times, NBC, CNN, Real Simple and more.

Quirky fact:
I’m one of two girls. I’m a mother of two girls. My sister has two daughters. I have two step sisters on each side. My sister in law has two daughters.

I can’t live without:
Coffee (anyway anyhow anytime)

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Randye Kaplan

Accelerator Facilitator

Randye Kaplan CFP®, CPA, has been a Financial Educator with Down-to-Earth Finance for over 14 years. Her background also includes years as a Wealth Advisor and Investment Advisor. She brings a deep understanding of how to work with small businesses to help them better understand their financials, growth strategies, and best practices for access to money for both growth and profit.

Quirky fact:
I use cloth napkins exclusively and recycle with gusto!

I can’t live without:
NY Times Crossword puzzle, everyday

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Frédérique Irwin


Frédérique is the Founder of Her Corner. She has spoken on the topic of the state of women and entrepreneurship at The White House, The U.S. State Department, as well as companies such as Marriott, Chobani, Microsoft, AstraZeneca, TD Bank, and others. She teaches entrepreneurship at the Kogod School of Business at American University and she holds an MBA from William & Mary and a BA from Davidson College.

Quirky Fact: English is her third language

Can’t Live Without: Champagne


Kimberly Berger

Former President

Kimberly is the President and COO of Her Corner. She is an active angel investor with a passion for women-owned companies. She has worked with venture-backed companies and large publicly traded companies specifically in the areas of digital marketing and strategy consulting. She holds an MBA from the Wharton School with a focus in Marketing and Finance and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Quirky Fact: She grew up in Hawaii

Can’t Live Without: Ice Cream