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Part 2 – The Key To Marketing During A Crisis Is To Be Authentic

Picking up where Fred left off last week, the answer to whether or not you should be marketing your business now is undoubtedly yes.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

The last thing anyone wants to hear right now is a tone-deaf, heavy sales pitch.

I don’t know about you, but the countless emails I’m getting from every retailer on the planet offering me sale after sale is frankly just annoying. I don’t need another dress right now!! I don’t have anywhere to go!!! Why don’t they get that?

This is how businesses should be marketing right now:


Before you send an email or make a phone call, stop to think about what your customer is feeling right now. How can you offer them something that would actually be helpful to them? Making a client feel like you understand them and their pain points is key to strengthening your relationship with them, making you more of a need to have, rather than a nice to have.

If you feel uncomfortable marketing your business right now, I respect that. In that case, I encourage you to just reach out to your clients (past and present), your referral partners and your network just to check in to see how they are doing. I have heard of so much business being generated from just this simple act over the last two weeks.

As one Accelerator member observed during a group call last week, one of the silver linings to this crisis is that we are all being so much more human now.

We aren’t afraid to show our vulnerability, our worries, our stresses.

Be authentic in your communications and you will be amazed at how your customers respond.

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