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Making Time For Business Development … When There Is No Time

Over nearly a decade of running Her Corner Accelerator programs, or working one on one with business owners, the single most frequent issue that comes up is this one:

No matter how well designed, thought out, or implemented a business development process may be, when things get busy, it gets set aside.


Followed closely by concern. (Because we all know that what follows a busy period may be a quiet period.)

I have learned to remind women of this one very important thing when it comes to business development. Something that seems to make every woman I know feel better.

So here we go, in this holiday season, if this issue resonates with you, this is my gift to you:

Relationship development is just as important as business development.

And the good news? Women tend to naturally make time and be good at relationship development.

  • They naturally check in with people.
  • They naturally care about and nurture relationships.
  • They naturally think to make someone feel special.

Although some people consider business and relationship development to be one and the same, I see them differently.

Business development is the work you do to meet new people, to connect with new organizations, to make the ask, and to close the sale.

Relationship development is what you do for and with the people you already know or have worked with before. It is the personal touch, the thoughtful gesture. And the good news? You probably already do a lot of it naturally.

So when business is busy, and there is no time for sales calls, please remember that you can always make time for relationship development.

And when things slow down, it will be that much easier to reconnect, make the ask, and close the sale.

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