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Make Sure Your Clients Know Your Worth

As businesses big and small try to plan for the coming months we should all expect to feel some cost-cutting pressure. Whether you are a contractor or a vendor, clients are going to be questioning every dollar they spend with you. Now is the time to make sure your clients understand just how much value you are providing.

One mistake I have seen many HC members make is that they rely on their day-to-day client contacts to transmit this message to the real decision makers. I hear women tell me:
“I know the CEO knows how much work we do because he knows my contact can’t do everything on their own. They know we are doing most of the work.”


It is your responsibility to make sure that all stakeholders are aware of the work you are doing. If that means preparing extra reports or slides to help your direct contact communicate the message up their corporate chain, then that’s what you have to do.

If that means communicating directly with the decision makers on a more regular basis, then that’s what you have to do.

If you are tracking your data and metrics regularly, you should be able to demonstrate important performance measures like time or money you have saved the client, increased efficiency or improved results of a marketing campaign. Take that data and paint the picture so that everyone understands the value you provide and more importantly, what they would lose if they ever thought about decreasing your contract.

Please do not assume that everyone on the client team is aware of everything you are doing. You are the leader here. Don’t wait for someone else to explain your value.

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