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The Kind Of Success You Can’t Quantify.

Warning: I’m about to brag. Because I am very proud of how quickly we have seen success stories come out of our Philadelphia expansion.


Now, just to be clear, we are not actually selling anything in Philadelphia yet. Remember, we didn’t want to be carpetbaggers? We’ve been traveling to Philadelphia almost every week, meeting people, connecting women, and learning about the business community.


So this is not a brag about how much money we’ve made, because until we launch our September Accelerator programs, we’re not actually making any money yet!


This is about results of a different kind.


Why Philadelphia? That’s what everyone wants to know.


The market is similar to Washington, DC. Kimby has connections to the city. And it’s close enough for us to bring together people in both cities to build relationships, collaborations, and networks.


Already we’ve been able to connect an amazing DC business owner who has been stuck trying to raise money in DC to a woman in Philadelphia who is a managing partner of an investment group who looking to invest in women – and, specifically, in companies like hers.


We’ve connected attorneys who have different markets, but complementary skill sets and a similar business idea that they could scale more quickly together.


And we’ve brought DC businesses with us to introduce them to the businesses we are meeting in Philadelphia – and we’re watching as new business relationships form.


It’s hard to quantify this sort of success.


It won’t show up on a balance sheet. But it’s the kind of success that underpins the whole reason that Her Corner exists: To help women grow their businesses through the power of collective intelligence.


So our progress in Philly means the world to me. That’s why I wanted to brag, just a little, about how delighted we are with how much we’ve already accomplished there.

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