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Since 2011, Her Corner has been using templates and frameworks to teach women business owners how to grow their companies. We have been curating small groups of business owners for nearly a decade and our programs and frameworks have helped over 1,000 business owners grow their companies across multiple industries, disciplines, and geographies.

The frameworks and methodologies are constantly evolving and developing based on current economic trends and small business markets.

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Our Curriculum

Her Corner has completely updated and changed its content curriculum to help businesses assess, pivot, and reposition their businesses for growth.
Today’s curriculum and frameworks are brand new and developed based on current market conditions and hundreds of hours of practical research and discussions with small business owners.

Exclusive Curriculum

  • unnamed (7) Your Team: How to hire and Manage in 2022 & Beyond: This month we talk about how to be more intentional in hiring and more strategic about onboarding and managing teams.
  • unnamed (8) Quality Assurance + Quality Control for Growth: This month we take a look at the difference between quality assurance and quality control, and how to create the right processes for each for your business.
  • unnamed (9) Reimagining Work in a Time of Transition: This month we consider the changes and trends experts are anticipating and give you space to consider how those changes will apply to your business.
  • unnamed (10) Marketing Funnels - the Steps, the Conversion, & the Results! Now that we are moving back towards more in-person meetings, what opportunities does this open up for marketing? What does this mean for your marketing funnel?
  • unnamed (11) Strategic Communications Cannot be Ignored: This month we look at how to assess what is truly important to communicate: both to team members and to customers, and how to create the right strategic communications approach for your business.
  • unnamed (12) A Return to Risk Taking for Strategic Planning: As we make plans for growth in 2022 it is important to recalibrate our comfort level with risk and start to think big again. What are your goals for 2022? What has to be true about you, about your business, about your team to achieve those goals?

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