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Women entrepreneurs: Want To Meet Anne Mahlum, Founder of [solidcore]?

Anne Mahlum, Ted Talk

Someone recently asked why we don’t have male speakers present at our Her Corner Speaker Series for women entrepreneurs. You know why?

Know Your Audience

Because I know my audience. I believe that if a guy stood on stage and told our members his story about building his business, and if he happened to mention that he had done so while also having a family (or other commitments, as we all do,) then I also believe that almost every single woman in our audience would be thinking this one thing…

He must have a wife at home …

I know, I know. It’s not very PC of me to say that. But I’m telling you what I believe, and that’s what I believe.

Women Entrepreneurs Relate To Other Women

When a woman stands up there and tells her story, our audience can relate to that woman, and our members leave feeling inspired and confident that she too can build something similar.

So it’s nothing against the guys; it’s just that that’s not what Her Corner is here for. Her Corner exists specifically to inspire women to think bigger, to hear and learn from role models and from one another.

So if you’re a woman entrepreneur, and you’d like to be surrounded by other woman business owners who also want to learn how to run a successful business, then our Speaker Series is where you come for that.

If you’re a man and you want to be inspired to think bigger too, we don’t bite! Join us and hear an amazing female speaker. We’d love to have you!

Join us on November 15th to hear Anne Mahlum talk about how she founded two companies! A non-profit called Back on My Feet and the unofficial workout routine of Michelle Obama, [solidcore].

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