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It’s All About the View

Very fortunately, in the past three years, I managed not to contract COVID or any illness except for a two-day battle with my sinuses. Then why in the ham sandwich did my body decide to give out on me when I needed it most: Her Corner’s Healthy, Wealthy, Wise Anniversary Week?! I realized at that moment I was in the middle of a life lesson. I had two choices: focus on what’s happening to me or what I make happen.

Over the past year, it would be easy to concentrate on what hasn’t been accomplished at Her Corner since last year. Primarily, I wanted more in-person events to facilitate more engagement among our membership community. No one would fault me after hearing all the barriers to achieving those goals were out of my control. Would they? But still, I wondered about those voices of dissent that question if I was leading or communicating well enough. Then I remembered… I need to look at the glass differently. 

Instead of putting so much weight on the one goal that I didn’t fully reach, there were three other objectives that were in fact achieved last year, in spite of all the obstacles: 

  • Geographic Expansion – Added members via eight new cities.
  • Her Corner Junior – Held first HC Jr. Brunch and upcoming summer retreat kickoff in July.
  • Leadership Council – Helping develop long-term strategy for benefiting members most.

It was being sick that forced me to sit down and allowed others to stand up and show their support for Her Corner. I was able to pause and view the impact Her Corner is making, which removed the disappointment of not being able to host anniversary events in the way I originally planned.

It’s all about the view for you and your business as well. The increase in interest rates for borrowing, extreme climate/weather issues, COVID-19, and supply chain issues are all factors that may impact your ability to conduct and grow your business. Remember that these same things are happening to everyone, even your competitors. It will be up to you to decide what metrics you will place weight upon and turn those lemonades into lemonade. What view will you take?

Stay tuned to learn more about the All In a Day’s Work Report to see what other fellow HC community members have done and are doing to position their businesses for the upcoming changes in the rough sea called our economy.

You got this, so let’s get it done!

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